KSA Match 2023

Keski-Suomen Ampujat (KSA) r.y. hosts IPSC Level III handgun match on the 15th – 16th of July 2023. The match will be the IPSC Finnish Handgun Championship 2023 in Classic, Production, Revolver and Standard divisions.


Name of the match: KSA Match 2023


Pre-Match: 13th – 14th JUL 2023 (Thu-Fri)

Main Match: 15th – 16th JUL 2023 (Sat-Sun)

-        The match will be held in two shifts: (AM/PM): AM-Shift 08:30-13:00 and PM-Shift 14:00-18:30 (both days).  

-        A competitor will shoot either AM-shift (Sat) and PM-Shift (Sun) or PM-shift (Sat) and AM-Shift (Sun)


Match Site: 

-        KSA Shooting Range, address: Ampumaradantie 14, 41310 Leppävesi.

-        Map Reference (coordinates): Lat. 62.310600584594575, Lng. 25.819612757629663


Number of Course Of Fires: 14 + chronograph

Number of rounds: 242 + PF

Divisions: Classic, Production, Revolver and Standard

Categories: Lady, Junior, Senior, Lady Senior, Super Junior, Super Senior and Grand Senior.

Teams: Teams by Classic, Production, Revolver and Standard. No category teams.


Number of slots: 100 pcs (main match) and 60 pcs (pre-match). 

-        Main Match: There are pre-reserved slots for the prioritized competitors:

1. The reigning Finnish Champions: the top three of each category have pre-reserved slots.

2. IPSC Finland Ranking list: the top ten shooters in Classic & Revolver (10+10) and top twenty shooters in Production & Standard (20+20) divisions have pre-reserved slots. Based on the ranking situation 1st of March 2023.

-        The pre-reserved slots are available until 19th MAY 2023. A list of the prioritized competitors is here: link

-        Pre-Match: Pre-Match is open for match officials and sponsors only. We welcome NROI and IROA Range Officers and helpers to work at the match. The Pre-Match is free of charge for match officials. Lunch will be offered for match officials during the main match days. If you wish to work at the KSA Match 2023, please contact Match Director No Later Than 16th JUN 2023.


Registration on Shoot’n Score It: link

-        Registration opens: 28th APR 2023 at 18:00 hrs (L) and ends 16th JUN 2023 at 18:00 hrs (L).

-        Allocation of slots:  The pre-reserved slots are available for the prioritized competitors until 19th MAY 2023. Rest of the slots will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

-        SSI-status: After registration competitors are set on Waiting List (W). The prioritized competitors are updated in to Pending (P) status straight after registration.  

-        Registration is accepted only if match fee is paid before the due date: for the pre-reserved slots the match fee is to be paid No Later Than 19th MAY 2023 and for the rest of the slots No Later Than 16th JUN 2023. After the due dates unpaid slots will be offered to competitors on the waiting list.


Registration of teams:

-    The Registration of teams is made on SSI. A team can have maximum of four (4) team members. The team result will be based on the best three (3) team members result.  


Payment Information:

-     Match Fee: 100 € (post-registration 120 €)

-     Team Fee: 50 €

-     Arbitration Fee: 100 €

-    The match and team fees are paid via SSI shop.

-    The payment of the match fee can be made when a competitor is on Pending (P) status on SSI. Please do not pay the match fee before you are on Pending (P) status.

-     Once the match fee has been made competitors will be automatically updated in to Approved status (A). The competitors, who are in approved status, can select themselves squads.

-     The match or team fee are refundable only with approved (medical certificate etc.) reason. Cases of refund, contact Stats Officer (SO): petri.papponen@gmail.com


Eligibility to participate: A participant is required to be a member of respective IPSC region to participate in the match.

-      A participant, who is representing IPSC Finland, is required to have applicable Finnish Shooting Sport Federation’s (Suomen               Ampumaurheiluliitto, SAL) competition license to participate in the match.

-       A participant, who is representing other IPSC region, is required to have the Regional Director’s (RD) confirmation on his/her eligibility to participate in the match. You can find the required invitation letter from here: link Competitors from other regions are asked to contact Stats Officer (SO) after registration: petri.papponen@gmail.com


Awards: Top three competitors of each division and category are awarded. Top three teams are awarded.


Cantine: There is a cantine at the shooting range on the main match days (Sat and Sun). Coffee, drinks and snacks are sold in the cantine. Card payment only.


Match Director (MD): Tomi Viitanen (KSA), ksamatch@gmail.com

Range Master (RM): Kristian Poikonen (KUAS)

Stats Officer (SO): Petri Papponen (KSA), petri.papponen@gmail.com


Contact information: All the questions and inquires via email to: ksamatch@gmail.com (MD) or petri.papponen@gmail.com (SO).


Welcome to Central Finland to challenge yourself with our small IPSC plates and rapid Clamshell target!